At Stealth Marketing Group, we specialize in customer acquisition solutions. Our data-driven plan to campaign strategy, combined with cutting-edge technology, allows us to identify and dynamically engage buyers in exciting marketing experiences. As we enter a new reality of challenges, our people remain dedicated to improving and innovating in this ever-changing marketplace. We are proud of being independent, original, with our growth and success fueled by our outstanding team of marketing professionals' grit and hustle.

Business Analysis


We know that direct marketing is an effective way to connect with the defined target market, and it is more potent than a bulk marketing campaign. At Stealth Marketing Group, we utilize the latest direct marketing methods with the brands that we represent. We are a significant source of customer acquisitions for our clients. We love creating personalized direct marketing activities that rise above other marketing agencies and channels' noise and also allows us to build rapport with customers to boost customer retention and create a reliable customer base.


At Stealth Marketing Group, we invest in our people to help them reach their professional goals. We push our team to dive in, roll up their sleeves, and take on the many possibilities bound to come their way. As a part of our team, you will get to work with many reputed brands in the industry, helping our clients create marketing strategies aligned with their business goals. Our primary focus is on developing dynamic, team-focused individuals. This vision has helped us increase potency, enhance retention, and strengthen the team's overall morale.

As a direct sales and marketing representative, you will engage in different training settings that captivate every phase of our company model. This training combines leadership development and training, outstanding education, and management tips. Our continual learning and extensive training program will turn new hires into assets for our organization. Each member on our team gets personalized attention, which will go a long way to develop their self-confidence and make a notable change in the conversion rates.



Stealth Marketing Group makes an impact by presenting consumers with sustainable ways to help preserve the environment. We utilize face-to-face with consumers and clients combined. We educate and inform customers with unique methods to help change the service provider of energy to their homes. Our goal is to reduce fossil fuel emissions and progressively inform consumers on how to do the same.

Our association with Verizon

Being one of the world's leading providers of technology, entertainment products, communications and information, Verizon is transforming the way people and businesses connect. At Stealth Marketing Group, our task is to meet with potential consumers in person, learn and understand their needs, and offer personalized TV, internet, and phone bundles to ensure they stay connected with their loved ones.

Our association with Inspire

Our association with Inspire

We're proud to partner with Inspire Energy to offer companies and homeowners sustainable energy choices. Inspire Energy has made significant impacts on reducing the use of coal and fossil fuels. At Stealth Marketing Group, our team of sustainable energy experts communicates with qualified customers to analyze energy rates and offer solutions that serve both - the customer and the Earth. Till now, we have sustained our collaboration with Inspire Energy owing to our expertise, data accumulation capabilities, and our commitment to deliver results.

The desire for growth that our clients develop through working with us encourages us to focus on the development of all our team members! We are looking to build people into leaders who are competent in running locations such as ours to continue to bring our clients more customers in new marketing. To join, please send us a cover letter and your resumé to